The Coastline Story

Coastline Spirits is dedicated to enriching the tapestry of everyday experiences by providing unparalleled palm spirits meticulously crafted to encapsulate the essence of coastal living.

¬†We aim to transcend the ordinary, infusing each moment with a touch of coastal magic through our exceptional range of spirits. From the gentle sway of palm trees to the invigorating sea breeze, every sip is an invitation to embark on a sensory journey that celebrates the vibrant spirit of coastal communities. At Coastline Spirits, we believe in transforming the mundane into the extraordinary, turning simple moments into cherished memories imbued with the distinctive flavor and essence of coastal life.”

Our Values

Our values are to empower our customers to try premium drinks from around the world in the comfort of their home or in varied social settings such as Bars or Restaurants.

Our Vision

Coastline Spirits aspires to become the foremost global brand synonymous with the embodiment of coastal relaxation, achieved through our exquisite range of premium palm spirits.

Our Mission

Our mission is to meticulously create and distribute the highest caliber palm spirits, ensuring unparalleled quality and imparting a tantalizing essence of coastal bliss to our valued customers.

Brand Focus

This award-winning brand offers a distinctive flavor and an authentically African drinking experience with two options: The Moor, which won Spirit of the Year 2020 at the Ghana Beverage Awards and is our best-seller, infused with fresh ginger, herbs, and spices for a spicy taste, and The Nubi, infused with flamed pineapple, passionfruit, and West African honey for a fruity aroma and lingering flavor.

Ghana's first premium palm spirit.

Presently, we showcase two acclaimed palm spirits from Aphro: The Nubi and The Moor. Aphro specializes in crafting smooth-tasting, triple-distilled liquors, referred to as ‘palm spirits’, extracted from the trunk of palm trees. These spirits represent a contemporary interpretation of the ancestral ‘Akpeteshie’, blending modern and traditional techniques in their creation.

Sustainable Ingredients

Coastline Spirit partners with suppliers who source their products locally and consider the impact on the environment when manufacturing their products.

Fair Trade

Coastline Spirits only partners with brands and organisations who operate within fairtrade policy guidelines.

Reputable Partnerships

Coastline Spirits takes pride in customer satisfaction. All our suppliers can guarantee the quality of their products due to the reputable ingredients used.

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