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An alcohol distribution and sales company with award-winning spirits. Discover our premium spirit brands below, now available in the UK.

Our Coastline Story

We import exotic drinks from around the world, bringing unique tastes and experiences. Our mission is to empower our customers to try premium drinks from around the world in the comfort of their home or in varied social settings such as Bars or Restaurants.



Sustainable Ingredients

Coastline Spirit partners with suppliers who source their products locally and consider the impact on the environment when manufacturing their products.


Fair Trade

Coastline Spirits only partners with brands and organisations who operate within fairtrade policy guidelines.


Reputable Ingredients

Coastline Spirits takes pride in customer satisfaction. All our suppliers can guarantee the quality of their products due to the reputable ingredients used.


Ghana's first premium palm spirit.

We currently represent two award-winning palm spirits from Aphro – The Nubi and The Moor. Aphro makes smooth-tasting, triple-distilled liquors, known as a ‘palm spirit’, tapped from the trunk of palm trees. It is a modern take on an ancestral spirit renowned as ‘Akpeteshie’, crafted using both modern and traditional practices. 



Triple distilled palm spirit infused with pineapple, passionfruit and honey.


Triple distllled palm spirit infused with ginger extract, xylopia aethiopia & honey

Aphro Lifestyle

Luxurious yet accessible. By drinking Aphro you can create an exciting lifestyle of shared experiences such as drinking with colleagues by the beach, on a night out or at home with friends and family.

Join Our Spirit Club to Get Exclusive Discounts.

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Join Our Spirits Club to Get Exclusive Discounts.

Aphro spirit has a wide range of flavours and aromas, making it the perfect drink for cocktails such as the Aphro Pop and the Aphrolo.

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